Cooking Class for Team Building Package​

Cooking classes for teambuilding packages offer several cooking classes in Bangkok. Cooking classes incorporate the best of Thai food and culture in an engaging, interactive atmosphere. With our cooking classes, companies can benefit from better employee morale while also sharpening their communication and team building skills. 

Cooking Class for Team Building Package

We offer a variety of cooking classes for corporate events, including:

– Thai Cooking Class: Explore the rich culinary culture of Thailand by learning how to prepare authentic Thai dishes. This activity is perfect for team building because it promotes communication between coworkers while also giving them an opportunity to learn new skills.

– Amazing Adventure Food tour: Our chefs will take you on an excursion through one of Bangkok’s many bustling markets to discover the ingredients that make up Thai cuisine. You’ll then go to a restaurant to cook the traditional Som Tam. In addition, many other activitiers are awaiting you such as Thai Boxing, Lotus Folding, Blind Tasting…

– Masterchef Cooking Class is a challenging event to learn how to cook. Your team will be split into different groups that are going to compete against each others just like in the famous TV show MasterChef. You will have one imposed ingredient around which all your dishes will focus, it’s a ton of fun and perfect for team building. 


Stimulate your team !

In our cooking class for team building package, we provide Thai cooking workshops so that businesses conducting team building activities in Bangkok may learn more about the stunning and varied cuisine of this Asian nation, which is Thailand. If your party is traveling from overseas, taking a cooking class as a team-building activity is even more suitable because it will give you the chance to interact with locals and experience their culture.

Local Food Market Hunt

Developp Creativity

Cooking can also developp creativity and problem-solving skills. Cooking food is a form of art, and it will help your team to develop their creativity. Cooking also encourages team members to work together to solve problems, which can be especially useful if you have a diverse group with different backgrounds as they will unite under one goal : make the best dish possible. 

Discover a New Culture

In addition to discovering new food, our cooking class  for team building package will make you discover a new culture. Cooking is also a great way to learn about different cultures and traditions. You can try new types of food, which is useful if you travel a lot. Cooking classes in bangkok will help you understand how people from other countries live and what their values are. It will also help you improve your communication skills by teaching you how to interact with other people. In other words, our cooking class is the right mix between discovering a culture and creating new relations within your team.

Khlong Toei Market woth fishes and tourists

A Local Experience

Thailand is slowly becoming more and more modern but sometime at the cost of losing its culture. If you would like to stick to a traditional experience we propose different courses in our cooking class for team building package that will focus on traditional thai cuisine and classical ingredients. This way you will be able to learn more about the way locals in thailand live and experience a traditional culture immersion. 

Cooking Class For Team Building Package Now !

Cooking food is the best way to reinforce the relationships within your team by building camaraderie and trust. It also helps you to appreciate the hard work that goes into cooking, which will make you more mindful of how much food is wasted in your home and office. Thus, cooking food will establish values in your team such as respect and empathy, which are important for any business. Learn more about the Cooking Class for team building package now !