Cooking With a Personal Teacher Package

Cooking with a personal tutor means you’ll learn how to cook at a deeper level in a fun, hands-on environment. You’ll spend the day with a professional chef and only one other student to receive the personal instruction you need.

You’ll learn how to cook a variety of dishes, including some that you can take home with you. The day will be filled with lots of fun cooking and eating!

Cooking With a Personal Teacher Package

Cooking with apersonal teacher package is designed for both beginner cooks and those who are more experienced. You’ll learn everything from basic knife skills to complex recipes and techniques thanks to the help of a personal teacher ! He will support you troughout the making of the recipes and provide useful insights to help  you understand relationships between ingredients 

You’ll also get to ask your personal chef any questions that come up during the day. Cooking with a personal tutor is a unique and memorable experience you won’t want to miss!

cooking with a personal teacher package

Stimulate your team !

In our Cooking with a personal teacher package, we provide Thai cooking workshops so that businesses conducting team building activities in Bangkok may learn more about the stunning and varied cuisine of this Asian nation, which is Thailand. If your party is traveling from overseas, taking a cooking class as a team-building activity is even more suitable because it will give you the chance to interact with locals and experience their culture.

Developp Creativity

Cooking one on one allows you to have a far better understanding of the dish and an excellent support. You’ll feel more confident and be able to create your own recipes after the course. You’ll also be able to impress friends with your new skills in the kitchen! We’ll start by learning how to make a variety of dishes that are easy to prepare. Then you’ll learn some more advanced techniques, such as how to cook meat perfectly every time.



The choice of dishes is up to you, you can let the chief decide or pick something you want to learn. We mainly focus on french cuisine and thai cuisine in our cooking with a personal teacher package.

If you are a complet beginner in cuisine, we highly suggest this course as it’s the fasteste way to learn. The course is perfect for people who are looking to learn about cooking, but don’t know where to start. As well as those who want to improve their current skills. We will teach you how to cook some simple, yet tasty dishes that are easy on the wallet and palate.

Discover a New Culture

You can invite a family member or a friend to join you, as it is a great way to spend time together in our cooking with a personal teacher package. You’ll have the chance to cook up a storm in our fully equipped kitchen with all of the cooking utensils and ingredients provided.

Cooking With a Personal Teacher Package experience

Cooking with a personal teacher package in Bangkok is a great way to experience the city’s delicious cuisine and learn about the culture and history of Thai food. With a personal teacher, you’ll have one-on-one instruction, allowing you to ask questions and receive personalized feedback. You’ll also be able to learn at your own pace and have the flexibility to choose the dishes you want to learn to make. Additionally, you can learn from the comfort of your home or accommodation. Some personal teachers in Bangkok also offer market tours, where you’ll learn about the ingredients used in Thai cooking and how to choose the freshest produce. Overall, cooking classes in Bangkok with a personal teacher are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of Thai cuisine.