MasterChef for Team Building Package

The Masterchef Cooking Class will put your cooking skills to the test. You and your fellow participants will be divided into equal teams that will compete against each other. The judges will be a professional cuisine chef who will supervise under his critical eye. Each team must make recipes based on one imposed ingredient, just like in the TV series.

Introduction to MasterChef For Team Building Package

The participants will need to focus on several skills like communication and team spirit in order to win. Thus, it’s excellent as a team building activity for your company or with friends. The MasterChef Cooking Class is also a great way to learn how to cook, as well as improve your cooking skills. You will be surprised by the amount of knowledge you can take away from this activity.

Masterchef Cooking Class is a unique team building event in bangkok which is perfect for corporates. Its originality and creativity make it a very memorable team building event for your company. It will be a great opportunity for you to bond with your colleagues, while learning more about each other and having fun in the process.

Face the Challenge !

The participants will have an opportunity to learn new recipes and techniques from a professional chef. The Masterchef for Team Building Package is suitable for groups of friends, families or colleagues who want to spend some time together while learning how to cook delicious dishes.

As long as the participants use the imposed ingredient, they are free to experiment with their own recipes. Thus it is a challenging event, but this challenge generate fun and push everyone to give their best. In case a team is dangerously falling behind the other contestants, the professional chef will help them to maintain a tough competition and assure everyone is getting fun.

Developp Creativity

Cooking can also developp creativity and problem-solving skills. Cooking food is a form of art, and it will help your team to develop their creativity. Cooking also encourages team members to work together to solve problems, which can be especially useful if you have a diverse group with different backgrounds as they will unite under one goal : make the best dish possible. 

In fact, creativity will play a big role in the MasterChef for team building package. At the end of the session, the chef will rate the best dish to elect winners and the beauty and creativity involved in the cooking of the dish will be an important criteria. This stimulate the contestants to push their limits in creativity 

Competition To create Relations

Our 20+ years of experience in Team Building events made us realize how good competition can be for a team building event. It encourages everyone to give it their all and show the best of their personality ! It’s also really entertaining. In the heat of the moment, time is running out. Everyone start focusing on communication and coordination. 

That’s the power of a competitive event. That’s the power of our MasterChef for team Building Package. Of course, our team will always supervise the contestants to make sure no one gets stuck on difficulties. A balance between good competition, fun activity and quality staff is the secret of a successful team building event, and that’s what we offer.

MasterChef For Team Building Package for Ice Breaking

MasterChef for team building package.

MasterChef for Team Building Package is an excellent opportunity to favorise communication in a team that has just been put together. Cooking as a team require a lot of communication, respect, great coordination and mutual understanding. It’s a great way to get to know each other while having a good time. 

In fact, cooking the meal for everyone is really important in a lot of communities around the world, as it’s also a time to discuss with each other and developing friendship.