The Art Of French Cooking Package

French Cuisine is a monument of dishes, meals, culture and ingredients. It’s known worldwide for its delicacy and its complex and delicious flavours. French cuisine not only includes a lot of meals, but also a ton of  pastries and viennoiseries. Often, the dishes are difficult to make without guidance, thus we designed the Art Of French Cooking Package to help you and your team learn more about it. Let’s dive in !

The Art Of French Cooking Package

The Art Of French Cooking Package is a cooking class in Bangkok that will focus on French cuisine. You’ll get hands on experience in this course, with the main focus on learning how to cook several classic French recipes. You will learn the techniques and tips required to create a flawless recipe every time thanks to our professional chefs.

French cuisine is known worldwide for being one of the most refined, delicious, and delicate cuisines in the world. French cuisine is also known for its use of fresh ingredients that are grown locally. The focus on simple, well-prepared dishes with high quality ingredients is what makes French cuisine stand out from other types of cooking. You will learn how ingredients are used in France to create unique arrangements of flavours. This course is also an excellent window to learn more about French Culture.

Some Dishes in the Art Of French Cooking Package

Boeuf Bourguignon

A delicious stew made of beef cooked in red wine with several vegetables like carrot, onions and garlic with some aromatic herbs. A delight !

A classic of French Cuisine known worlwide thanks to the pixar movie !  Composed of many vegetables slowly cooked, it’s actually quite tricky to cook right.




Originating from Austria, but now closely associated with French Cuisine, the Croissant is a French Classic. Composed of a laminated dough with some butter, it’s a delicious dish. 

Maracons are yet another excellent pastry. Composed of  2 meringues that are sandwiching a cream, it comes in many different flavours. One can always find happiness in macarons.


Stimulate your team with the Art Of French Cooking Package

The art of french cooking Package is best suited for families and for team building events. The class is great for anyone who wants to learn the basics of French cuisine, or just wants to try something new. You’ll learn how to make a variety of different dishes and get hands on experience in this course.

Our Class is a mix between entertainment and learning. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the whole experience.

The Art Of French Cooking Package is supervised by our professional chefs. They will guide you troughout the steps of the dish and explain what is happening and why. You will be able to see the transformation of ingredients into a dish. This course will give you an introduction to French cuisine and expand your knowledge on different ingredients and techniques that are used in French cooking.