Large Group Cooking Class

Our large group cooking Class is specially intended for teambuilding events with 50+ participants. According to a survey done by the company Gallup, reinforcing the engagement of employees in a company can conduce to a +17% rise in productivity and a +21% higher profitability. Our Large Group cooking class offer to enhance the cohesion and the unity between each member in addition to favorize communication. Learn more about it.

Schedules : Flexible

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50 – 150+ Participants 

Languages : English / Thai

Duration : 3H to a day

Teambuilding events & Corporates

Difficulty : Easy, everybody can enjoy it

The course of our Large Group Cooking Class

Interested in improving the understanding between each employee? Food has always been a great way to foster friendships and well-being. Furthermore, learning to cook as a group promote unity and creativity.

Our Large Group Cooking Class is offering professional indoor kitchens to encourage contestants to get involved in the Cooking Class. The air conditioners will keep the air fresh, so everyone can cook in peace.

The same way, professional tools will make it easy for everyone to cook. Professional chefs will supervise the event to help the participants who struggle, and make sure everyone is having a great time cooking. The dishes cooked can vary, or you can impose a specific dish, but as the event take place in Bangkok, it’s generally Thai-related cuisine.

The participants are split into teams to make it more accessible for everyone and to encourage the formation of new connections. Once again, you have a lot of freedom about customization, and you can choose the way teams are split to create links between specific individuals.

Classic Thai Cooking Class

Teambuilding in numbers

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Communication Patterns
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Individual Profitability
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Employees Turnover rate
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Overall Company Profits

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Large Group Cooking Class as a Teambuilding Event

By planning a Teambuilding Event, your goal is to improve your employees. This can be done by working on several factors like releasing them from the stress, boosting their creativity, developing their confidence, or building trust. And that’s precisely what our Large Group Cooking Class offer, with so much more.

Cooking is excellent to develop creativity as it’s an activity that require focus and the use of your five senses. The professional while entertaining and relaxing surrounding will assure everyone has a great time. 

The cooking of the dishes themselves will assure regular and intense communication. Our chefs will make sure no one is struggling to prevent tensions from happening.

Additionally, the participants will work on a common goal, and you may be surprised by how much unity can outcome from such an event. They will also gain valuable knowledge about ingredients and health. It’s an event unlike any other.

Our Large Group Cooking Class is Unique in Bangkok

Few in Bangkok can offer such a large-scale cooking event. And even fewer have our 10+ years of experience. 

Our services are already trusted by big names such as Google or Foodpanda. They know that creating a sense of unity in a large Group is extremely important. 

It will boost the performance of everyone, release everybody from stress and help to work for a common goal. And the best way to create this unity is with external events like our Large Group Cooking Class.

Our experience assures a clean and non-chaotic event where everyone will feel at ease, just like if they were practicing their hobbies. In fact, the best teambuilding events are the one that break from the monotonous workday in order to reveal new facets of personality. In this role Cooking is one of the best.

Bangkok is offering so much of its amazing culture, we wanted to return the favor.

Our Events are trusted by :

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Large Group Cooking Class and Non-Governmental Organization

A cooking event with 50+ participants can sadly generate a lot of food leftovers. Many in Bangkok are starving and dream to have access to this food. So, we decided to give the leftovers to the Bangkok Community Help Foundation.

This NGO was created during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic early 2020 and aims to help the Klong Toey lower-income Communities (Slum communities).

The association is extremely serious in its actions and as already achieved impressive milestone like distributing more than 1,000,000 Kg of rice or 100,000 Kg of 2nd hand clothes.

Participating in our Large Group Cooking Class is also participating in a valuable charity association that help and develop Bangkok.

An entertaining event

Everybody will be pleased by the quality and accuracy of the cooking class.

Deeply engaging and interesting

A ton of valuable advice from the professionals chef to sharpen your cooking skills.

Best for Team Building

Excellent to enhance communication and creativity in the team.

Ideal to decompress as a team

An event outside of job’s tensions to get rid of to much accumulated stress.

Large Group Cooking Class is a highly Customizable Event

When it comes to our events, we are proud to offer a lot of flexibility. The scale of your group can vary from 50 to 150+ people.

The schedule is relatively free as well as the length of the event. In addition, you could combine the cooking class with another course.

For instance, if you would like to focus specifically on Thailand and on Thai culture, you could be interested in our Market Experience service to discover and learn more about markets in Thailand and deepen your understanding of the Thai food and ingredients. 

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