Market Experience & Cooking Class

Our Market Experience and Cooking Class is a unique experience in the hearth of Bangkok to get a deep appreciation and understanding of Thai Culture and Cuisine.

Schedules : Flexible

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50 – 150+ Participants 

Languages : English / Thai

Duration : Half-day to a Day

For : Teambuilding Event / Families / Groups

Difficulty : Easy, everybody can enjoy it !

Market Experience and Cooking Class: A complete discovery of Thailand

Thai food is known worldwide for its amazing flavors and colors. In fact, if often rank in the top 10 of the best cuisines in the world. It is a must to learn more about it, while in Thailand. 

That’s why we designed a stimulating event that will immerse you in Thai Cuisine. From the very source of the ingredients in the Khlong Toei Market to your hands and your plate, you will be pleased by this complete and original experience. We will teach you everything there is to know about Thai cuisine !

By learning more and more , you will also discover the richness of Thai culture, and you will have occasion to discuss with the sellers of the market. Thai food is the best gateway to discover Thailand as a whole. 

In addition, we designed the event to make it accessible to everyone. It is excellent to discover Thailand with your familiy or your friends. It also work really well as a Teambuilding event. Big names like Google already believed to the quality of this event.

Market Experience and Cooking Class is Perfect for :


Many Companies Including Google already enjoyed our events !


Our Market Experience is perfect to discover the authentic Thailand with your family !

Groups & Friends

Just want to hang out in an enjoyable event ? Our Market experience is perfect for you !

Market Experience and Cooking Class in the Khlong Toei Market

One of Bangkok’s best-kept secrets is Khlong Toei, a chaotic, sprawling food market not far from the city’s centre […] eye-opening and enthralling, it’s a great insight into how locals live.

Our Market experience start in the Khlong Toei Market, a gem in Bangkok. It’s the biggest fresh products market in all of Thailand and it is unique by its authenticity. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to experience Thailand like a local would.

It is an abundance of fruits, vegetables, livestock, and so much more that create a unique deluge of colors and aromas that you won’t find outside of Thailand. New products arrive every 4 hours and the market itself is always open, almost resembling like a little city in the hearth of Bangkok.  

It’s the best place in Bangkok to get products to cook. And that will be your goal. You will enjoy a scavenger hunt throughout the market. Once you have your required ingredients, you will cook a dish. We offer customizable cooking course, so you are completely free to pick a specific dish to cook or you can let us decide what will work best with your group!

Goal of the Market Experience and Cooking Class

You will be granted a list of ingredients to cook your dishes, and your first goal will be to scavenge the Khlong Toei Market to get them. 

To realize the best dish, you will need to keep in mind several factors. First, you will need to get high quality and aromatic ingredients. You want to be precise as well in your choices. For instance, how ripe a fruit is, will greatly influence the quality of your recipe. If you are about to prepare a Som Tam (Papaya Salad) you will need a green unripe papaya otherwise the dish may fail (But don’t worry, we are here to cover, you.). In addition, the general freshness of the ingredient is key. That’s especially true if you are about to cook a dish with fish or meat.

In other words, the choices of your ingredients won’t be random. On the contrary, you will need to be vigilant and make thoughtful choices to produce the best possible dish. That means, even before the cooking class itself, you will gain a deep understanding of the ingredients. And that’s one of the reasons that make this event so entertaining and interesting. But we wanted to add even more variables.

Amazing event to discover Thai Culinary Culture

Fresh products Market in Thailand

One of the Most Authentic experience of Thailand

Interacting with the locals in the market experience and cooking Class

The local sellers of the market are amazing individuals, and we wanted to boost the interactions you will have with them. Avoiding conversation would be like ignoring the qualities of Thai People. Yet, there is a reason why Thailand is nicknamed the Land of Smiles, and you should enjoy it. 

So, on your sheet of paper with the list of ingredients, you will also find several Thai words. Your goal will be to understand the meaning of those Thai words by interacting with the Thai People.

It’s a simple and fun way to get closer to the locals. Yet we have seen how much more entertaining it makes the event and how much more value and knowledge the participants take out of our Market Experience and Cooking Class. 

Trying to convey a message with the help of your peers to someone that doesn’t understand your native language is also surprisingly unifying and can greatly improve your self-confidence and opening on the world.

Competition in the Market Experience and Cooking Class

What’s better than a zest of competition to top off your Market Experience and Cooking Class? At the beginning of the event, your group will be split into several teams (which is customizable). Each team will receive a budget to buy the ingredients in the market. The team that manages to spend the less will gain additional points!

So, prepare your bargaining skills to lower the prices! It’s once again an excellent mean to favorize communications with Thai People and it makes the whole experience much more interesting. The speed at which you manage to gather all the ingredients is also important ! The fastest, the most points !

You will also need to discuss strategy and tactics with your team in order to beat the others. It’s an amazing event for teambuilding and is perfectly suitable as well to deepen the relationships with your family or your friends.

Group Enjoying the Market Experience and Cooking Class

An amazing event to learn more about each other, deepen relationships and for Teambuilding

An Amazing Experience to learn more about Thailand Culture and Food with authenticity

discussion, meeting, conversation, communication, arrows

The best way to discuss with locals to learn more about Thailand and how Thai people lives

The joy of cooking delicious meals as a team while learning a ton about ingredients with a chef

The second part of the Market Experience and Cooking Class

Once you have your ingredients, you will start your cooking lesson! To do that you will enjoy a Tuktuk ride to get to your cooking location. A Thailand experience wouldn’t be complete without its Tuktuk drive.

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the cooking class itself. We offer classes ranging from Classic Thai Cooking Class to a More Competition-Oriented Masterchef Cooking Class. Feel free to pick the one you are more interested in for the event and contacts us to discuss the possibilities. You will always be helped by professional chefs that will make sure everyone is having fun while learning !

If you had a precise idea in mind, feel free to suggest it too so we can arrange your perfect event!

outdoor cooking class small group

Wear solid shoes: the market’s ground is often soaked!

Cooking Class BKK’s team will support you troughout the event to make sure you keep amazing memories of Bangkok !

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