Masterchef Cooking Class

Cook against your friends or colleagues in an entertaining competition !

Schedules : Flexible


Languages : English / Thai

Duration : 2H to a half-day

Teambuilding events, corporates, families & friends

Difficulty : Easy, not for childrens

Masterchef Cooking Class to improve your cooking skills

Masterchef cooking Class in an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of cuisine. The chef will provide you with his advanced science, and your teammates will also share their knowledge to help the team create the best dish possible.

The competitiveness of the event will force you to give your best, whether it is in practical cooking skills or in a more theoretical reflection about the dish itself. Just like a Masterchef, you may start to experience cooking like a pro would, opening your eyes on new possibilities about cuisine. The setting and the fact that you will work as a team will also show you how fun and how rewarding of an activity cooking is.

As long as you utilize the imposed ingredient, you will be relatively free to cook what you like. You will mainly have access to Thai related ingredients as we are in Bangkok, but the dish you will prepare is totally up to you and can be from a completely different culture! Keep in mind that if you are meeting troubles, the chef will be here to help you. So not only is it an excellent teambuilding event, Masterchef cooking class is also remarkable to provide you a unique experience that will change your perception of cuisine. 

What's Masterchef Cooking Class ?

In Masterchef Cooking Class, you and your companions will be divided into equal teams that will compete against each other. Your goal will be to make recipes based on One imposed ingredient, just like in the Masterchef TV Show. You will be supervised under the critical eye of a cuisine chef who will then judge your work. 

As the cooking class unfold, each individual will need to be particularly focused on collaboration and synergy with the other members of the group to produce the best dishes for the Jury. Thus, Masterchef Cooking Class in an excellent event to reinforce teamwork.

Indeed, the competitiveness of the event aims to bring the best of each participant: retrieving each drop of skillfulness and cooperation they possess. The chef will help the participants in difficulty to keep this cooking class fun for everyone. 

Furthermore, creativity will play a huge role in the Masterchef Cooking Class. Dishes are judged on three criteria: taste, the visual attractiveness and beauty and the name you gave to your dish (The funnier, the better!). Each of them will require imagination as well as teamwork.

Masterchef Cooking Class is best for Corporates

Masterchef Cooking Class is the precise mix between competition and entertainment to promote teamwork. It’s particularly suited for company social events or teambuilding events. Food is something that has always managed to bring different personalities together, and Masterchef Cooking Class makes a good use of that concept. The thrill of the competition will keep the event challenging but the adrenaline will get mixed with the joy of cooking with the others. Masterchef Cooking Class will reinforce the bounds and link together the competitor in a unique way.

As the event progresses, the participants are getting closer and closer to each other. The communication is getting more and more important to produce the dish. Hands are working together to prepare the ingredients. The smells and the aroma are pushing everyone to give their best. And just like that, the relationships between the participants become more significant and the Masterchef Cooking Class is becoming an excellent memory. Contact us now if you are interested in Masterchef Cooking Class!

Marsterchef cooking class

What can you expect from Masterchef Cooking Class?

A playful event to reinforce your bounds with your colleagues or your friends and from which you will keep good memories.


An interesting course mixed with a competition and supervised by professionals who will reinforce your culinary skills.

New advanced knowledge on different recipes and an excellent understanding of some ingredients.

The joy of cooking delicious meals as a team and the unique feelings of unity and pleasure that it procure.

Why should you pick Masterchef Cooking Class?

Masterchef cooking class is particularly suiting if you aim to organize a teambuilding event or if you hope to have a good time with a group of friends. 

The activity is focused on one ingredient, not on a specifical dish, nor a particular Thai aspect (even so most of the ingredient will obviously be Thai related). If you are interested in learning about a specific Thai dish, or in a more traditional class, you should check out  Classic Thai Cooking Class.

The activity take place in a single place and doesn’t involve going to a market. If you are interested in an event which will take place in several locations and that will involve extensive aspects of Thai culture, you may want to check out our two food tours: Amazing Adventure Food Tour and Tuktuk Food Tour.

Also, we wouldn’t advice this activity for kids especially as we have other classes more kids-centered like: Cooking Class for kids.

Master chef cooking class

Corporate Social Responsability

As expected from such an event, there is regular leftovers ingredients after the dishes are made. We didn’t want to trash those ingredients so we decided to give them to scools and associations. 

Bangkok Community Help is an initiative founded at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic working in the re-painting, cleaning, renovation, food distribution and construction projects for the betterment of the Klong Toey community and others in need. 

Bangkok Community Help is one of them. They are particularly serious in their action and we are proud to help them.