Tuk Tuk Food Tour

Tuk tuks are an iconic symbol of Thailand that deeply resonate with Thai Culture. Thai food is also known worldwide for its amazing tastes. We propose you to merge those two into an amazing food tour that will get you deep into the cuisine and culture of the Land of Smiles. Learn more about it now!

Schedules : Flexible

How many : Best for Small And Medium Groups

Languages : English / Thai

Duration : about 3H 

Best for : Family, Friends and Tourists or for gentle Teambuilding Event

Difficulty : Easy, everybody can enjoy it

Our unique approach for an exclusive Tuk Tuk Food Tour

We designed our tuktuk food tour like if it was a large meal with several courses spanning over a few hours. You will have the pleasure of tasting different Thai dishes in unique Locations of Bangkok. Our food tour emphasizes three points: the quality of the dishes, the beauty of the sighting and the connection you will experience with Thai Culture.

The tour usually includes four locations in Bangkok: A local Market, A street Food in Sukhumvit, Chinatown, and a near the river location for the dessert. If you are interested in a particular place in Bangkok, feel free to give us details. We offer a lot of freedom and customization in our services, and we can arrange the tour to your convenience.

tuk tuk food tour

Connect with thai Culture !

Admire the amazing sightings !

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The tuk tuk : the right vehicle for your food tour

Tuk tuk are an almost mythical feature of Thailand Landscape. The modern motorized tuk tuks as we know them appeared in Thailand around 1960, coming from Japan, and has since widely spread throughout the country. It is estimated that in Bangkok alone there is more than 9000 tuk tuks. It’s probably the vehicle that embody the most Thai culture and taking a ride in it is always a unique experience. Once in the tuk tuk it is easy to see how much more interesting and pleasant the ride is compared to a car. You can enjoy the sight from a new point of view, the point of view from a local.

Indeed, the tuk tuk is not reserved for tourists or strangers. Tuk tuks are regularly used by the locals. For instance, it’s a convenient way to transport large amounts of products to a market or back home after grocery shopping. Taking a tuk tuk ride is taking the place of a local to get as close as possible to Thai Culture.

The Tuk Tuk food tour is a calm adventure in Bangkok

Our tuk tuk food tour is a serene activity to discover Bangkok. Our goal is to make you enjoy the essentials: the food and the city. Thus, it is perfect for families and tourist who just want to enjoy a peaceful tour without worries or competitiveness. It’s very suitable as well for teambuilding event that would like to focus on tranquility. If you are more interested in an adrenalin-packed tour, check out our amazing race adventure food tour.

As you travel throughout Bangkok you will stumble on unique locations with exceptional sighting. It’s an excellent event to stimulate your creativity and we would highly suggest that you take photos during it.

Keep your mind at ease with our Tuk Tuk food tour

We have 10+ years of experience in event organization. We will take care of your next tuk tuk food tour and we are motivated to create amazing memories.

This will allow you to avoid various frauds. For instance, some tuk tuk drivers propose a ridiculously cheap price for a tour, but they will take you to uninteresting shops to gain a commission. In addition, the prices of tuk tuk is decided by the driver, there is no meter to calculate the price based on the distance. This can also lead to unpleasant surprises where the driver will charge you ridiculous amount of money.

The best way to avoid those swindles are by planning your tours with us. Your trip won’t lose any authenticity, in contrary you will be able to experience the hearth of Thai Culture.

Best for Tourists / Families / Friends

An amazing event to learn more about each other, deepen relationships and have a great time !

An Amazing Experience to learn more about Thailand Culture and Food with authenticity !

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A suited event to connect with locals and to learn more about Thailand and how Thai people lives

Stress-free activity where we will make sure you will have a great time enjoying the Thai food !

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